Robin Fincker : saxophone tenor, clarinette
Mathieu Werchowski : violon
Dave Kane : contrebasse
Fabien Duscombs : batterie



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Tribute to an Imaginary Folk Band

Bedmakers - Robin Fincker, Mathieu Werchowski, Dave Kane, Fabien Duscombs

Bedmakers storms the meanders of Anglo-Saxon folk music. The four unclassifiable improvisers dig, scratch and rumble this fertile sonic ground, nourished by multiple decades of oral tradition in order to excavate its melodic essence.

Melodies are caught in mid-air. These tunes that one hums without realising, that feel familiar without being able to point their source, find themselves out of their original context, superposed or extended, declaimed or only suggested, sometimes buried under a storm of concrete-noise music or distilled in a minimalist blow.

The quartet’s “Tribute to an Imaginary Folk Band” combines the illuminated blues of John Fahey with the lyrical flights of traditional Irish folk music, the intense sobriety of guitarist Bert Jansch and the richness of free improvisation; thus creating an imaginary cross-road of these different musical essences.

A Freddy Morezon production, in coproduction with Banlieues Bleues and Jazzdor. With the support of the DRAC Occitanie, the CNV and the SPEDIDAM.

With the support of the Institut Français and of the city of Toulouse


Smokey River – Bedmakers live @ Jazzdor Berlin, juin 2018
Réalisation : Josselin Carré