Christine Wodrascka projects

Discreet personality at first glance, Christine Wodrascka cultivates paradoxes and extremes. She is constantly pushing further the limits of the piano, from solo to orchestral formation, through duos and trios. Due to her constant desire to explore the possibilities of her instrument, she has developed her own pianistic technique that is based on the instant intention. An energetic play, defined by a sensation of liberty, an appetite of risk and the leap into the unknown.


Christine Wodrascka will be in artistic residency from december 9 to december 20 at La Méca, OARA, Bordeaux (France) and from january 14 to january 16 at the Théâtre des Quatre Saisons at Gradignan (33, France) for "Silence was pleased", a Didier Lasserre creation with 7 musicians. In concert on december 19 at La Méca and on january 17 at the Théâtre des Quatre Saisons.