Etenesh Wassié : voice
Mathieu Sourisseau : acoustic bass
Sebastien Bacquias : double bass



Trio Etenesh Wassié – Mathieu Sourisseau – Sébastien Bacquias
creation 2017 / Yene Alem

Since their encounter in 2007, Mathieu Sourisseau and Etenesh Wassié share a great artistic complicity. The source for their music lies in traditional Ethiopian songs, revisited through playing styles and melodies that cloud the tracks. Etenesh’s wild and secret voice carries us away. Mathieu’s bass play, crossed by several worlwide influences, carries us away. It is an intense emotionally piercing trip.

After their reunion in 2016, the magic still shining, even more than ever, they decide to invite a cello player to join to the creation of a new repertory in 2017. From this adventure, a new album is released in March 2018 on Buda Musique.
To carry this new repertory on stage and create a bigger sound, Etenesh and Mathieu ask Sebastien Bacquias and his double bass replace the cello and join them.

The warmth of the double bass and the profoundness of the acoustic bass unite perfectly with the deep tone of Etenesh’s voice. The crossing of strings forms a sonorous mat from which new melodies emerge, reminding the watermark of the Ethiopian forms. We can feel rock, jazz, improvised music and world music influences. A universe where this unique voice can self-express in all freedom. The bow of the double bass also reminds of the messenqo, a traditional Ethiopian mono-string-violon that accompanies all the heritage songs, such as Ambassel, Tezeta and Bati, in which Etenesh excels.


Bati + Yene Alem + Zeraf
Etenesh Wassié / Mathieu Sourisseau / Julie Läderach
Showcase Womex 2018 à Las Palmas de Gran Canaria